Tadano telecranes

Since 1 January 2018, Tadano Nederland BV and Tadano Belgium Bvba are the official representatives for Tadano in the Netherlands and Belgium. This prestigious Japanese-German brand makes telescopic cranes that are a cut above the rest.

To stand still is to go backwards. This is especially true in vertical transport. Mobile telescopic cranes should offer maximum reliability. Operational reliability, which guarantees continuous availability and therefore efficiency. Tadano telescopic cranes (formerly: Tadano Faun) are built on that philosophy.

The company combines the best of both worlds to create one perfect product. German thoroughness and Japanese ingenuity meet in every Tadano crane. Result: maximum continuity. And thanks to construction without unnecessarily complicated electronics, Tadano telescopic cranes are also easy to maintain.

Tadano builds mobile cranes from 40 tons to 600 tons. In the 70-ton category Tadano is even the undisputed market leader, thanks to its appealing product specifications. Besides power, reliability and affordability: fuel-efficiency and low noise level. These last two factors have a lot to do with the fact that Tadano cranes have two motors. Want to know more about Tadano telescopic cranes? Contact us!

All-Terrain Cranes

Our line starts with the ATF 60G-3, which has a maximum lifting capacity of 60 tons, and goes all the way to our flagship ATF 600G-8 with a maximum lifting capacity of 600 tons.

Crawler cranes

The TADANO Mantis GTC series telescopic cranes combine high lifting loads, quality and reliability and offer ample options for the use of attachments. The GTC cranes excel in their 'pick and carry' capacities and work at an angle of up to 4 °. The GTC 350, GTC 600 and GTC 800 (35, 60 and 80 tonnes) are available for Europe.

Truck-Mounted Cranes

The truck-mounted cranes we offer have a max. lifting capacity of 40-70 tons. Our line consists of the HK 40 and HK 70.